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George Henry

“It’s not a job, it’s having fun and getting paid for it!” -George Henry.
His friends call him a renaissance man because George Henry likes to challenge himself with things that catch his interest. Whether he is building furniture or a house, or cooking up something good in the kitchen he always has the music for his soundtrack.

Recalling his 7th grade middle school he reminisces about his lunch time gig for the school kids:
“I would grab all the 45’s I could carry and blast Rock and Roll over the loudspeakers in the school courtyard and as I look back now I find it amazing that they (the Sisters) even let me do it.”

The long and winding road took him through a 100,000 watt Christian station in South Carolina in the 80’s and the skyline of Nashville with Lightning 100, WRLT, in the 90’s as News Director, co-host of the morning show and frequent contributor to Thunder 94, WRLG.
He took a short break in the early 2000’s reappearing in Hendersonville, NC to be the Program Director and Morning Show host for Mark Media’s WTZQ.
Traversing the U.S. he took a job in the Pacific Northwest for Portland’s #1 News station, KXL where he was a morning news producer, reporter, fill-in Anchor and additionally Music Programmer for KCST and KCFM in Florence, Oregon. But his heart was still in Nashville and so he found his way back.
“I love the vibe and the energy here and while the city has definitely grown, the feeling is still the same! It’s great to be home!”

Nashville Rocks!

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