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Mark McGill

My name is Mark McGill and growing up in suburban Chicago, I always wanted to be either Harry Carey or Lou Brock but I couldn’t hit a curve ball …and I still can’t. What I could do is use my mouth, so a 30 year career in radio was born. I have worked in Grand Rapids Michigan, Orlando Florida, Abilene Texas and South Bend Indiana. I live with my amazingly beautiful wife Julie and 3 of the cutest rescue dogs on the planet; Wrigley, Shawzie and Murphy dog.

I have two incredible daughters. Kennedy is my oldest and lives in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Madison is my youngest daughter, and she currently lives in Wilmington, North Carolina working in both the radio and TV fields.

I just LOVE Nashville, and all this amazing city has to offer, and I am honored to be able
to play on the radio here.

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