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Sex & Aging

with Dr. Morgan Kensington

The sexual revolution happened more than fifty years ago   Men and women struggle equally with sex and aging. As we age, our hormones change, what consequences can we expect?  Sex also happens in the heart.  


Personally, as I get older, I value relationships more than simply having sex however everyone is different. It’s about intimate contact with others. If we know our own bodies and have learned to connect erotically with another body, we’ve created the perfect conditions for good sex. The rest involves non-verbal communication with the other person.


Sex and Aging with Dr. Morgan Kensington is a candid, informative, respectful show about Sex and Aging.

Sex and Aging airs every Sunday Night at 10:00pm on Hippie Radio 94.5 and is brought to you by New Life Physicians in Brentwood, Tennessee.

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