Spider Harrison

SPIDER HARRISON is a veteran radio personality, entertainer that started in his native home state on New York.  He was tagged with the name ‘Spider’ while playing football in high school as a running back.  The name stuck throughout college and his entire entertainment career.

Coached and groomed by some of New York best and talented veteran radio personalities of the 60’s while interning.  Spider was advised by his mentors to play all the hits, R&B, Soul and Rock n Roll.  Now on Hippie Radio 8pm to 12mid he’s still making it happen.

He rose to prominence after leaving WTLC-FM in Indianapolis in 1973 and replaced the legendary John R. at WLAC Nashville, with the night time signal coverage of 28 states.  Successful with the new rock n roll format in the seventies, WLAC (15LAC) quickly became the number one teenage radio station in Nashville and throughout middle Tennessee.  


In northern Indiana at nights where the 15LAC could be heard were two young teenage brothers that listened to Spider Harrison’s Rock n Soul show.  Both brothers went into the broadcasting industry and the youngest Tony Richards at age 13 had always dreamed of owning a radio station in Nashville.  In 2008 he would make his dream come true and today he is the owner of WHPY-FM ‘Hippie Radio’ found Spider Harrison still active and the rest is history.

Creating Spider Harrison Productions, he hosted the first Billboard Soul Countdown syndicated radio weekend show.  He has appeared in scores of television shows, motion pictures even made a few records via his music publishing companies.  An active SAG/AFTRA member his plans are to continue on air and having fun in the entertainment industry.


In 2015 Spider Harrison was inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame.  He’s also a member of the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters.  With a degree in Business Administration,  his activities hobbies are spent in the gym, some bowling and at the golf driving range, hitting golf balls both left and right handed

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