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Just Nancy – I like that we are on a first name basis. My goal is to be your friend on the radio.  We share a love of music and the mood it inspires, the fond memories it stirs and the bond it forms. Radio is there when neighbors and friends gather to raise money for worthy causes at benefit concerts, charity walks and runs, county fairs and more. It is that community service that made it possible for me to serve for over a decade on the St Jude Advisory Committee – part of the fundraising arm of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

I started my radio career in North Carolina, where I also hosted a couple local TV shows.  I did my first morning show at WLWI where I earned a Billboard Award nomination.  My first Program Director gig was at a station on the Gulf Coast. (Hello 30A!)  Which led to a major market gig in Tampa, Florida.  I then made up my mind to pursue my dream of living in Hawaii so I sold everything I owned and bought a one way ticket.  I arrived in Honolulu on a Thursday, interviewed at a radio station on Friday and started working there on Monday. Whew! Chasing my dream paid off!  I loved living in Paradise!  I was promoted to Program Director in a matter of months and it was - as they say on the islands - “aloha-plenty”!

I also always wanted to work behind the scenes at a record label and moving to Hawaii got me noticed in the industry. It really helped me land a job as Marketing & Promotion Regional Director at Capitol Records.  They moved me to New York and then to Nashville. I enjoyed the travel and working with some truly amazing artists at Capitol and then at Big Machine Records and then at Broken Bow.

I finally got married.  And yep, my husband is a successful session singer, songwriter, musician, and producer.  After we had our son, I wanted to come off the road so here I am back on the air. I was a fan of Hippie Radio before I started working here.  It is the music of almost every era of my life and my life has come full circle. I am proud to be a part of Nashville’s Hippie Nation!

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