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"Grateful" Ed


I am one of those rare birds I was actually born in the city where I get to play radio.  Yep, a mere 21 years ago I was born right here in Music City. (Okay, I am off by a few years.  Add on a quarter of a century or so).

I kinda landed behind a microphone by accident around 1978.  High school was a demanding place back then and I was forced to write a trashy-novel like newspaper article about a subject picked at random out of a brown paper bag.  I picked “Interview Radio Station Morning Disc Jockeys.” Being an introvert, that went over rather splendidly.  Also, it just happened that the day of my one-sided interview of a well-known morning superstar, the overnight guy managed to “no show” because he enjoyed a bottle inside his own brown paper bag a little more than he should.

The general manager hired me on the spot for like $2.12 a hour with the promise that I did not have to actually EVER talk on or off the air, until I decided it was time.


Bliss in a radio control room was born.

Fast forward a handful of decades and as to be expected (and is obvious if you know me or listen to Hippie) … I never shut the heck up. Why should I when I get to talk with you? lol

Seriously, it is a privilege to serve you on Nashville’s coolest radio station.  Yep THE station that everyone is talking about.  It is a honor to work with such a great team who is heck bent on bringing real, heartfelt music from “our lives” back to your ears!

Come to think of it, I do think the only A+ grade I got in high school was on that newspaper article on
Nashville Radio! Maybe it really was meant to be!  See, Hippies do have the ultimate life!

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