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Meet Pam

Pam’s radio career began long before she graduated high school. Her dad promoted her interest in broadcasting by giving her a tape recorder as a Christmas present in the early 1970’s. She’d practice her “DJ” voice while listening to her transistor radio. Eventually, Pam landed  a real radio gig at her hometown country station, hosting a weekday afternoon show during her senior year in high school. 


Once graduating college with a degree in radio, TV and film, Pam pursued her interests in television tool. Winning an Emmy for a country music awards program was a career highlight while working at Nashville’s CBS television affiliate in the 1990’s. Now, some four decades later, Pam’s dedication to radio continues at full speed. She and Tony have hosted Nashville’s Morning Show on Hippie Radio 94.5 since July 2020 and have no plans to call it quits. 


“It’s just too much fun - and has never felt like a job,” says Pam. “Tony is the brother I never had, so that makes me open game for some ’sisterly love’ on the morning show. I think I hold my own pretty well”. 


Listen Weekday Mornings 6am-10am on Hippie Radio 94.5. Sometimes, it’s just plain silly. But the fun is real and family friendly. Plus, there’s news, weather and traffic updates along the way with lots of Nashville’s greatest hit music!

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