Chris Lucky

Chris Lucky comes from a hard working, blue collar family in central Indiana and Tennessee and takes great pride in his family roots.  His mother & stepfather from Indiana, and father from Tennessee have given Chris that down to earth, humble back ground that makes him so easy to relate to.  


A 30 year radio vet, Chris heads up the morning show on Nashville’s Hippie Radio and also helps design promotions, and works in creative commercial production.  


Chris comes to Nashville with a feel from the best days of radio, when radio was fun, and local.

“Hippie Radio is more than a jukebox.  It’s live, local radio with lots of personality!” says Lucky. 


He believes in a strong work ethic, being involved in the Nashville community and giving listeners the best music, fun and up to date information.  Most of all Lucky has never forgot the number one rule in radio.  “The Listener is most important, and the person on the other end of the request line is radio’s number one customer.  Our industry has lost sight of that and Hippie Radio is bringing it back.”

Lucky also states that “people are craving what big, corporate radio ripped from the airwaves ….fun and personality!”  Baby Boomers ….Get Ready to Have Some Fun!

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